#Spotlight 50 Letters of Hope by Motivational Speaker and Poet Francis Osifo



 My name is Francis Osifo. I am from Nigeria and I am currently an international undergraduate student at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, studying communications studies and a minor in film studies. I am a motivational speaker and I believe the world can be a better place when people stop giving up on their dreams and start hoping for the best. I am also a poet and the author of the book “50 Letters of Hope”.

                   JOURNAL JOURNEY

        I started writing a long time ago when I was in high school back in Nigeria. Back then, I wrote prose but I fell in love with poetry along the way because I felt the sweet flow of words could help me go through the problems around my life. I had a notebook and I wrote poems in it every day.  All those poems were based on my through life story. Life was never tough or rough for me as a child  because my family always supported me but still,  I wanted to accomplish certain goals and it seemed liked doors were closed and for this reason I used poetry to express my emotions.  Poetry helped me a lot back then and I started dreaming big. My dream was that I would write a book someday but I did not really think too much about it until I moved to study in Canada.

   While in Canada, for a whole year, I did not really write much but I still kept thinking about the future. After one year, I had a different approach towards life. I believed it was time to do the things I have always said I wanted to do. Trying to become a published author was the goal and I started working towards it. Initially, I was not really sure on what the book was going to be about, but along the way the events happening around my life at that time, motivated me to write on hope and it took me about a year to finish writing the book. I kept dreaming and hoping for the best until I became a published author. Apart from the fact that I wrote this book because of the situations around me, I also felt that there are people out there in the society that need help and if poetry gives me joy then it would definitely be useful to the world.



       “50 Letters of Hope” is a motivational poetry book. The words are made easy so that the average reader could understand the theme and get motivated. Majority of the  poems in the book are  written  in free verses. There are fifty poems in the book and each of them have really deep meanings. This is a book that anyone going through hard times should read because people are yet to understand that life is a process and these obstacles are just there to confuse them. If they believe, then all is going to be well and that is mainly what this book talks about. Hope is what I preach and I believe in it because it has never failed me and it can’t fail anyone.

    As the name implies, “50 Letters of hope” is centered on hope and fifty poems are used to describe the need for hope.   I titled the book “50 Letters of Hope” because, these words are letters I wrote to myself at a particular time I needed transformation in life.


   The things I have heard ever since I got published makes me really happy. I have met people that read my book and have said that they now see life from different perspective. My family supported me from the start and a few faithful friends have been around too to support as well as encourage me. I would say I am glad my book is helping people in the society and I am really motivated to keep writing and inspiring people all around world .I have a dream and I know this is just the beginning.  I thank God for everything.


“I have struggled and hoped all my life

That one day it would rain and

My body would be soaked with greatness.” – Stanza 3, Letter 9, Page 9.


For those that keep thinking that life is ugly, all I can say is calm down and forget about the dark past because the future is bright.

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2 comments on “#Spotlight 50 Letters of Hope by Motivational Speaker and Poet Francis Osifo

  1. Love it… Good job Francis! I shall be buying this.


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