#EVENT RENAISSANCE MAN 1| A Black-tie Art Exhibition by Upson Martin | Aug. 29th @ The Blu Room #TORONTO

Ope Arogunmanti, who goes by the stage name, Upson Martin is a GTA-based Graphic Designer, whose products are unique to its perception of shapes, objects and the human figure.

Upson Martin is going to host his first ever black-tie art exhibition, titled, RENAISSANCE MAN: The Blu Room on the 29th of August 2015. The venue is an open-spaced gallery with an overly white background called Artscapeyongeplace, located at 180 Shaw Street Toronto. There will cocktail refreshments and suiting music to elevate the mood. Also, there will be an auction of the five acrylic framed art pieces displayed during the exhibition. The event is meant to showcase the artist’s style and persona, which can’t be achieved without recognition and appreciation of his idea. The attendance fee is 20 dollars, which will guarantee any attendee a splendid evening.


R.S.V.P +1(613) 808-1848

Check out his work:


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