#Spotlight Ifunanya Paulinus | New Photography Project; CAPTIVE feat. Mitchell + A Photography Journal titled My Village People #IfyPhotography


About a week ago, Ifunanya dropped a series of photos for her project Captive featuring Mitchell. She described it as An exploration on repression, self identity and liberty.

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The second feature, her journal, is titled, “My Village People”. She describes it as “A SERIES OF PHOTOGRAPHS SHOWCASING THE PEOPLE, ELEMENTS AND CULTURE FROM MY HOME TOWN”


At the beginning of this year I travelled to my parents home town and village which is in Enugu. I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria whereas my parents are originally from Enugu. My people are from a small village in Enugu which cannot even be found on the map. And during the holidays my family went visiting to celebrate the New Years with them. In my village town, the culture is so rich. The people vary from craftsmen to fishermen to dancers and market women. They perform these domestic works as their sole means of providing for themselves and their family. My series surrounds the members of my family’s generation and a few other members of the village. I have showcased some of these pieces with the one of my great grandmother getting acknowledged. Enjoy – Ifunanya Paulinus

Visit to see the full series.

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