#AfricanFashion Wazal Couture | Chic Street Fashion Line by Cameroonian Joseph Marie Ayissi Nga



AYISSI NGA Joseph-Marie aka JJ DU STYLE is a fashion designer who creates very chic street wear. The French/Cameroonian designer whose father was a tailor, has decided to follow the footsteps of pioneer Cameroonian fashion designers such as Imane Ayissi and Martial Topolo by creating his own clothing line called ‘WAZAL’ which was launched in 2005. In 2006, he launched his first designs which are worn by some celebrities such as SINGUILA, Alpeco, WAYNE BECKFORD, ROMARIC Koffi and Lalcko. His brand “WAZAL” is a blend of “WAZA”, the name of a natural park in the extreme north of Cameroon and the letter “L” which stands for Lion, the Cameroonian symbol. The natural park symbolizes respect, while the lion symbolizes power.

WAZAL COUTURE fashion universe expresses more of casual wear in a constant search of innovations, new styles and creativity. In the mixture of many various colors, and various prints, he adds and blends other materials such as pure cotton, denim jean, wax, leather, fur, synthetic just to name a few. He went through a professional training in VANESSA RUIZ fashion school in Paris and he later on specialized in creating tuxedo jackets. The first was thus created in 2013 under the declination “Tete fly.” In 2013, he was part of the guests of the Ambassador of Cameroon to Paris for the exhibition of the feast of the Cameroonian youth and the Fashion Night Lounge at the Elysee Palace in Paris, where he presented his three concepts: WazalRock, fly Tété and Africafutur.
These concepts are based on criteria which since the beginning symbolized his career: Daring, Respect and Creation. Wazal cuts and designs are impressive and modern; moreover it follows the latest trends today.


Now, I will present to you my collection of tuxedo jackets called fly sucked 2015,
inspired by a Cameroonian slang, “tété” means wealthy (bourgeois) chic. Combining
all of these concepts, wazal points out more on the African elegance in chic street style;

SMOKING Jacket fly Tété Black Leather
Materials: lambskin leather and red lace
SMOKING Jacket fly Tété military camouflage
Contents: Military Camouflage and lambskin
SMOKING Jacket fly Tété blue color: black
Materials: fleece and jeans on backwards

12032306_1035793663107517_68182421_n 12048483_1035793736440843_2063923054_n 12029179_1035793749774175_620614874_n

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