#MUSIC New Music Video 6:13 by Morris Ogbowu

6:13 AM is the intro on #preSM, which is the first half of a two Part EP.
The idea of the title was to play on the numbers that represent the area code for Ottawa.
The Concept behind the visuals is loosely based on “what it’s like, waking up in the city of Ottawa”. Here I try to depict the typical morning of the average hustler and further rule out the stereotype that Ottawa creatives are lazy, jaded or aren’t working hard enough. We get up and go get shit done… and anybody can get the work.
6:13 AM was shot by James Harness(Fresh), an Ottawa based Videographer, and partly directed by myself. The song itself holds a deeper meaning and hints the direction of my two part Ep and new sound, but that is for my listeners to playback, listen closely and pick up, its way more informative this time.
#preSM is titled NOTHING BUT… and scheduled to be released on Dec1st, 2015
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