#AfricanFashion Ankara Clutches and African Bangles by Style Me Ankara

Nsu bra flat lay_velvainsta

Style Me Ankara dropped a lovely collection of clutches and bangles, all made out of African print! This sleek and vibrant bag is handmade in Ghana from africwax fabric. Trendy and chic, It will make you stand out in any crowd day or night. The above piece is called the Blue Target Ankara Clutch.


​African Nomad bangles inspired by the Nomad people of Mali (West Africa). Each bangle is handcrafted and intricately woven with a unique colour combination of pastel and neon hues. Made from recycled plastic and Eco-friendly, these bangles will jazz up any outfit.


The Hummingbird Clutch! ​This bag is what happens when nature and culture meet. Handmade using ankara wax fabric. Fully lined. Opens and clips shut smoothly with a magnetic clasp.


Now add a touch of culture to your outfit with our Hummingbird clutch featuring faux brown leather . This bag is handmade using ankara wax fabric and faux leather. Fully lined. Opens and clips shut smoothly with a magnetic clasp.


Kente Printed Clutch! Strut the town like a royal princes with our kente printed clutch. Inspired by the woven kente cloth from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana.

These clutches and much  more are on sale on their website! Shop Africa!

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