#MUSIC D Pace Afrobeats Mixtape by DJ P

d pace

d pace

Armed with a club standard Numark’s Cdj at the age of 12, Dj P took to his high school (Charles Dale, Port Harcourt, Nigeria) to express some of his newly found talent. Although, a future as a DJ was not considered at the time. He had only just begun and did not know what the future had in store for him. He moved to Toronto, Canada, to further his studies, and only after six months he was called to play at various standard sized clubs in downtown Toronto. This was a the start of a serious Dj career. From private and public parties, to clubs and weddings, Dj P was quickly making his talent renowned. He is known for lighting up parties till 6am, his versatility in the music he plays (including Afro beats, dancehall, soca, hip hop, and trap music to name a few), and also his humility. Dj P is setting the pace for all aspiring DJ’s to follow. Here is the Pace Setter mixtape, a flavour of his talent, and a little insight on what is to come. Listen and enjoy!

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BOOKINGS – (+1) 647-677-1854


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