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#MUSIC #Spotlight “Nothing but…” The EP by Morris Ogbowu

presm cover1


Morris Ogbowu is a Nigerian born and raised Multitalented Artiste. He started writing and recording Rap music in 2009. He moved to ottawa, the capital city of Canada in 2012 and released The DuckedTape (a 7 track EP) in 2014. Over the past year, Morris has been performing his music at live events all around the city of Ottawa and across Toronto, opening for name-worthy acts like Chicago’s Alex Wiley, Toronto’s JazzCartier and a lot more. He was also nominated for and won the 2015 Artiste of the year award by Le’ Rouge. Morris has been building consistency and is currently cultivating a following in the ottawa Music-Art Scene.

presm cover1
To bring the year to an end for his slowly appreciating fan base, He released a short 5track Ep on the 1st of Dec 2015. Titled, Nothing But… the title of this project is exactly what it sounds like… an unfinished statement or an unfinished art piece as portrayed on the traditionally hand painted cover art, which is a visual story that plays heavily on minimalism, performance art and asymmetric balance.
presm cover2
Nothing but… is like a Disc1 and is loosely connected to SM EP (SUBJECT MATTERS) which I can’t wait to put out this year! I’m having fun with these concepts and all this music is a fun puzzle, you will need NB to piece together SM ” – in His words
presm cover8
No doubt, by fusing every fibre of his creativity with his sound, he promises to tip the scales on everything contemporary in music.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present “Nothing But…” The EP. Feast your ears!
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