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#MUSIC #Spotlight Listen to Seth Dyer |#Toronto Rap Artist and Producer



About Seth

My name is Seth Dyer, I’m a rap artist and producer from Toronto. I grew up in the Northern part of Toronto an area called North York. I felt isolated growing up, I always lived outside the areas my friends lived in and my family was the only black family in my neighborhood. I guess that isolation drew me to the arts I spent a lot of time involving myself from drawing, painting, writing, and animation. My parents are both Jamaican immigrants and I grew up with a strong influence from Jamaican culture. My goal for as long as I can remember was to do something to change the world while still being myself and I found music was the way to do that. When I hear people say, “Your music really speaks to me” or “You’re music inspires me,” those type of statements mean the most to me, more than any money or recognition. The fact that my music can better someone’s life means a lot to me.


Photo by: Scarborough Arts

Music Background

 I’d say my musical background starts with Reggae music due to my Jamaican roots. I really like Bob Marley as typical as that may seem for a Jamaican to say, I think Bob Marley was an excellent poet and storyteller, he really left his mark on the world. I remember listening to a lot of 90s RnB and 90s pop. I liked Boys 2 Men, TLC, After 7, Whitney Houston, Dru Hill and a bunch more. It’s always a little difficult for me to pinpoint my inspirations since I’ve been exposed to a lot of music. When I was introduced to Hip-Hop I really liked Mos Def, Tupac, Talib Kweli, Nas, Eminem, Fabolous and in today’s age of Hip-Hop I’m a big J. Cole fan, I also like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. I’m also very inspired by film scores and orchestral music I like composers like Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson Williams. My favourite hip-hop/urban producers are 9th Wonder and T-Minus. I also had rock influences like Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Billy Talent, Nirvana and more music and genres than I can remember.


Great Minds He’s Worked With

I’ve got the chance to work with a lot of people, I’d say everyone I’ve gotten the chance to make music with was great. I was in a music program in 12th grade and I learned a lot about the business and I had my first music mentor, an engineer named Fonz. Fonz taught me most of what I know about mixing records. Working with Average on my debut EP was a good learning experience, I learned a lot more about mixing and production from Average. Working with Juvon Talyor taught me a lot more about songwriting and melodies. Engineer Mike Smith taught me that music is all about the vibe, the vibe always has to be right and good things will happen. Dan-e-o is a great mentor to me he sharpened my songwriting skills and gave me a lot of tools to help me become a better writer. I learned a lot of little performance aspects from watching Church Chizzle perform (we were in the music program together) and I’d say my Dad has also helped me musically, he’s just very honest as to whether he likes something or not. The people I’ve played live music with have opened my musical horizons as well. The team I’m working with now is also comprised of some brilliant minds and I’m confident we’ll be able to execute some great things in the near future.

Past Projects

 I released an EP called “IX” in the summer of 2014. That project changed my life, I became a lot more introspective and more honest with my music. I felt that the most important thing was to be honest and I still do, I relate the most to the artists who can present their stories to me with all the good, bad and everything inbetween. I’d rather not try to explain IX I’d rather let the music speak.

The most recent single I released was called “They Call Dreams.” I don’t really like talking about/explaining music because it can change what it means to the person listening to it but this song is essentially about being ambitious at least that’s how I felt when I created it.

Before “They Call Dreams” I released a song called “Stitches” I went through a gum surgery and my mouth was stitched up. I performed through the stitches, I was proving to myself how serious I was about what I’m doing. I know I’m on a long journey and I need to be able to deal with a lot, a little pain shouldn’t stop me from doing what I love.

Recording and creating Stitches was a very memorable experience for me but I’d say I had the best time creating the “IX” EP I put a lot of thought and emotion into IX and I did things musically that I was not used to. I’m a lone wolf when it comes to music creation but IX was a group effort.



I’ve had some pretty good feedback when it comes to my music. The most common comment I get is the honesty in my music really speaks to people and that’s all I strive to do, speak to people and let them feel something whether it be enjoyment, sorrow, anger, anything as long as you feel something. I’ve had some constructive criticism as well which I always use to better myself. I really have a dislike for “Yes” men.


Upcoming Projects

My next project is an LP called “Things Remembered.” It means a lot to me I can’t wait to see how people respond to it. I have a very good feeling about the project, I don’t really want to get into it too much I want everyone to be part of the journey. “Things Remembered” doesn’t have a release date yet.

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