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#AfricanFashion A’Maze Africa | Fashion Accessories fused with elements of Africa and the West


Picture1A’Maze Africa is about promise, positivity, prospects, and possibilities. Fusing the elements of Africa and the West, using bold colors, shapes, and textures to create an amazement of beauty delivered in an array fashion accessories.

A’Maze Africa exists to inspire and incite curiosity for the great continent.  Our aim is to bring consciousness and awareness to the possibilities and beauty that Africa holds.

Our products are a demonstration of art imitating life, tapping into the wellspring of creativity that have spanned Africa throughout the ages, ever alive and renewed. Our range of products represents the continent, satisfying a variety of preferences in attitude, identity, authenticity and freedom.

Africa is still synonymous to illiteracy, poverty, diseases, hopelessness and despair. Beyond all of that, Africa is evolving as a wave of influence in the world, home to emerging markets and industries.  The Vision is to bring consciousness to the possibilities of Africa and unearth a broader understanding of the productivity of its people.

Embracing the hope and beauty of Africa.


African Inspired Resin Cuffs; 4 styles,
3 styles are Inspired by the African Wooden Combs; Other design is inspired by the Crown of a King in Yoruba land in Nigeria



African Inspired Quality Socks for Him & Her; Vibrant colors.
Designs are inspired by African Wooden Combs, Palm Trees, Palm Kernels Etc.


A Wool Blend Unisex Winter Scarf – Inspired by African Masks from the Western Region of Africa


A’Maze Africa Large, soft, viscose scarf can be worn in any season to accentuate or to keep warm.

Inspired by Old Maiden hairstyles in Old Africa


African Inspired Print on Denim Material.
It has a chain inside with steel edges to create a classy look.



Ankara Print on Canvas!!

Durable, Stylish, roomy. It has a pocket inside, magnetic clasp, a zipper and leather corners that make the clutch pop!



Inspired by Cornrows and Bantu Knots.
This Stand-Alone PU Leather Bag serves as a stylish Day bag with a fancy zippy wallet to fit all your essential cards

Find A’Maze Here


INSTAGRAM: @a_mazefrica_

Twitter: @AmazeAfrica


Phone: 732.798.0803

1 comment on “#AfricanFashion A’Maze Africa | Fashion Accessories fused with elements of Africa and the West

  1. this handbag look so beautiful,I wish I can have it


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