#EVENT African Association of Niagara Presents Black History Month 2016 “Are We There Yet” Hosted by OKEY BAKASSI| Fri. February 19th @ Club Roma #SaintCatharines


It is that time of the year when we take the time out to celebrate African heritage in the Niagara region and educate the community about our people. This year, our Theme: “Are We There Yet?” is set to get us all thinking about how far Africans in the Diaspora, specifically the Niagara region, have come in terms of Education, Health, Career and other important areas of life.

We are thrilled to bring to you a panel to discuss our Theme for this year “Are We There Yet?”. The topic will be addressed by one of our own who is also a Professor at Brock University, along side the 3 Presidents from the African and Caribbean communities represented at the Univeristy.

Poetry by our leaders of tomorrow. The African Children

Music and Dance Performances.

Our guest entertainers …. “IJO VUDU GROUP” (

And our special guest MC, all the way from Nigeria, “OKEY BAKASSI.


-Mama Africa has so much love to share!-


What do you think ?

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