#AfricanFashion G.L.O.R.Y Collection by ÖFUURË



Have you seen Öfuurë’s G.L.O.R.Y’s collection? It features an array of maxi skirts, maxi dresses,  two pieces, crop tops, mini and midi skirts, jumpsuits, pants, tops, dashiki print designs and even designs from little girls! The collection was photographed by Ify Photography! Shop this collection now: You can get 10% off your order ($50 or more) by using the code YVONNEBEN10

4S5A2502 4S5A2515 4S5A2516 4S5A2521 4S5A2522 4S5A2524 4S5A2534 4S5A2535 4S5A2540 4S5A2544 4S5A2561 4S5A2564 4S5A2566 4S5A2572 4S5A2589 4S5A2594 4S5A2602 4S5A2607 4S5A2626 4S5A2628 4S5A2634 4S5A2647 4S5A2675 4S5A2687 4S5A2692 4S5A2694 4S5A2702 4S5A2712 4S5A2716 4S5A2717 4S5A2720 4S5A2724 4S5A2737 4S5A2738 4S5A2740 4S5A2744 4S5A2773 4S5A2794 4S5A2799 4S5A2801 4S5A2806 4S5A2811 4S5A2814 4S5A2817 4S5A2822 4S5A2827 4S5A2830 4S5A2884 4S5A2896 4S5A2901 4S5A2910 4S5A2916 4S5A2918 4S5A2926 4S5A2928 4S5A2940 4S5A2943 4S5A2958 4S5A2967 4S5A2978 4S5A2990 4S5A3007 4S5A3015 4S5A3020 4S5A3030 4S5A3045 4S5A3066 4S5A3067 4S5A3070 4S5A3074 4S5A3089 4S5A3097 4S5A3098 4S5A3106 4S5A3110 4S5A3118 4S5A3119 4S5A3123 4S5A3124 4S5A3131 4S5A3132 4S5A3134 4S5A3142 4S5A3145 4S5A3151 4S5A3159 4S5A3163 4S5A3165 4S5A3167 4S5A3175 4S5A3176 4S5A3178 4S5A3189 4S5A3195 4S5A3205 4S5A3211 4S5A3233 4S5A3238 4S5A3265 4S5A3270 4S5A3274 4S5A3284 4S5A3287 4S5A3300 4S5A3304 4S5A3307 4S5A3330 4S5A3338 4S5A3353 4S5A3359 4S5A3362 4S5A3364 4S5A3370 4S5A3379 4S5A3390 4S5A3401 4S5A3412 4S5A3417 4S5A3429 4S5A3431 4S5A3432 4S5A3438 4S5A3464 4S5A3465 4S5A3468 4S5A3470 4S5A3473 4S5A3482 4S5A3486 4S5A3496 4S5A3501 4S5A3506 4S5A3508 4S5A3515 4S5A3524 4S5A3529 4S5A3532 4S5A3533 4S5A3538 4S5A3540 4S5A3548 4S5A3550 4S5A3554 4S5A3556 4S5A3560 4S5A3568 4S5A3570 4S5A3575 4S5A3577 4S5A3584 4S5A3596 4S5A3600 4S5A3602 4S5A3605 4S5A3610 4S5A3619 4S5A3620 4S5A3621 4S5A3631 4S5A3634 4S5A3636 4S5A3637 4S5A3641 4S5A3644 4S5A3646 4S5A3648 4S5A3652 4S5A3661 4S5A3665 4S5A3670 4S5A3675 4S5A3678 4S5A3681 4S5A3685 4S5A3688 4S5A3691 4S5A3693 4S5A3696 4S5A3701 4S5A3704 4S5A3708 4S5A3711

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