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#AfricanFashion Kaela Kay Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

We are so excited to share that the new KAELA KAY SS2016 collection has arrived. This collection is our dreamiest to date. Read more.

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Group Neckties

We are so excited to share that the new KAELA KAY SS2016 collection has arrived.
This collection is our dreamiest to date. Following a very successful winter campaign, it was imperative that the 2016 summer collection remind consumers of how fabulous, glamorous and chic summertime is going to be.
Shot in two separate photo shoots, there are pieces in this amalgamated collection to speak to every part of a woman’s style: from cool and chic day pieces (like our Mona Kiki Dress or Coco Meena Pants) to glamour and elegance (like our Laylani Lace Dress).

Group Striped Skirts
And of course it also features signature KAELA KAY style with stripes (revamped Essie Skirt) and lace (Laylani Skirt) paired with our signature white button up shirt for a classic (but not dated) chic office look.

Group Skirts
With colors that feed our need for good times (yellow, pink, and red) to colors that make us feel like wearing our sun glasses (black, white, green and blue). From aesthetic, to fabrics, to overall look, we want our customers to walk in stylish stride when they wear their KAELA KAY this season.

Group Upclose

Group Dresses
Designed for all women, we now offer sizes US2 to US22 and endeavour to make all women feel fabulously distinct, refined and, of course, beautiful.

Laylani Lace Dress

DSC_1248-2 DSC_1271-2 Akivah Skirt Akivah & Kia Skirts

Kukua Sade Dress Kukua Sade Dress_2 DSC_1062-2 DSC_1102-2 DSC_1214-2 DSC_1123-2 DSC_1202-2 DSC_1022-2 DSC_1298-2

Muna Celeste Skirt
Visit Us and Find Your Inner Print Diva
Catherine Addai – Designer, KAELA KAY

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See more and shop this collection here;

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3 comments on “#AfricanFashion Kaela Kay Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

  1. This collection is everything!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous

    I like everything about this collection. It’s African print done right, from the shapes, style and print mixtures. J’adore


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