#FASHION ZARGARA | Season 3 Black Forest Launch


ZARGARA is a clothing brand based out of Ottawa, Canada. It has been named after Amir Zargara, the owner. It focuses on fabrics, cuts and the garments and is releasing its 3rd collection called Season 3: Black Forest.


Season 3: Black Forest ZARGARA brings you what they believe to be a cohesive collection for both men and women who enjoy the minimalistic approach to colors and cuts with an edge. The owner, Amir Zargara, has set out to combine his own style on outfits for both genders and the result has ended in what he now calls, Season 3: Black Forest. The collection includes on trend pieces to cater to the masses and some very unique and edgy pieces to cater to the ones who like to take risks with their choice of clothing.







// Models : @namix_the3rd @creek_97 @baklavaqueen @vibinsoul// Photographer: @eyesofsauron // Concept + Styling:@amirzargara

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