#Spotlight Meso Eats by Richard and Emikele; Creating and Delivering Healthy & Nutritious Nigerian Food Hassle Free in The GTA

meso take 2

I recently sat with the inspiring duo, Richard and Emikele of Meso Eats! A food service that aims at making healthy and nutritious Nigerian foods accessible and hassle free! In this interview,  Emikele and Richard talk about the missing gap in the Nigerian food industry in Canada, the very much needed association of the word “healthy” with Nigerian Cuisine. Richard explains that delicious nigerian dishes can be healthy and with their incredible Meso fit plan, you can still enjoy those meals and still have a healthy diet plan in place! Emikele who is also the head  chef in charge talks more on how that’s possible by sharing some of her kitchen secrets! Get to know more below.

They also brought a sample Mesolite Plan Package and we had a fun tasting session! Watch below!

Shot by Dre

That was Richard and Emikele of Meso Eats!

Use the code YvonneBen20 to get 20% off a select plan at

I forgot to mention that I am now the brand’s newest ambassador and I starred in their infomercial. Take a look at it above and while doing so, like their facebook page!🙂

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