#Music “Y, Songs About You” EP by EyeAmi



I decided to title my new project Y, Songs About You after going through some extensive soul searching. I was born in the early 90’s, so I identify best with “Generation Y”. For a while, I was in a space where I was trying to figure out why my first project did not do as well as I’d hoped and what direction I was going to take as an artist. My intention was to write stories from the perspectives of other people. I believed that if I sought to first understand others, I will learn how to make them understand me. So I started with the generation I best identify with – Generation Y, the 90’s kids. The more I wrote the verses for these songs, the more I understood about my myself – why I was making music and the legacy I would like to leave behind.

I feel like this project is important because it’s refreshingly unique. It reflects the African culture that I grew up in while still showing the diversity that Toronto is famous for – both musically and culturally. The reality is that we live in a time in which artists in the music industry are getting a lot of flak for not being as creative or original as they should be. That’s why I truly enjoy making music with substance and purpose. There is often a tendency to “follow the masses”, but I don’t think it has to be that way and I did my best to convey that ideal in this project.

Y, Songs About You is actually the first EP I plan to release this year. This one is more geared for the summer and the other will be for the winter. So you can kind of think of this as a part one or “side A” on a cassette, for all my fellow Generation Y people. You can definitely expect to hear different sounds from both projects.

I hope everyone enjoys the EP and vibes to it this summer! I want people to look back on summer of 2016 and say, “that’s the summer EyeAmi released that crazy EP with Wagadugu and Mary and we were in….doing….” and  “Oh we spent sooo much money on Uber that summer”. But most importantly, I want my close friends and family, to whom some of these songs are dedicated, to enjoy the music and know how much I appreciate each and everyone of them. A good example is the song titled Uber that’s dedicated to my uncle who got married in December of 2015 and I missed his wedding because I couldn’t afford to go home at the time. I was supposed to have recorded a song for his first dance. So I’m glad to finally have something that I can proudly share and dedicate to my family.

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