#MUSIC ​MY WILL – TAKE NOTEZ (Prod. by Notez Musik) #SomethingDopeFridays

myWilltake notes

myWilltake notes

It’s a Friday and you just know it has to be “Something Dope” going down.  MVSE 9 follows up with its press release with its first DOPE project, titled SOMETHING DOPE FRIDAYS. This comes right after the release of the EP by Morris, who is a collective member of MVSE 9 and also on the SOMETHING DOPE 2016 Tour. This project will feature songs by Artists on the Something Dope 16 tour. These songs are excerpts to introduce some of the headlining acts and get you rattled up for the SOMETHING DOPE coming in the fall of 2016.

About My WILL

MY WILL copy

My WILL is the first female act unveiled on SOMETHING DOPE 16. She releases this cut tittled “Take Notez” on the first segment SOMEHING DOPE FRIDAYS.” She identifies herself as ancient and wanting to be rediscovered. Rap is one of her many weapons; She breathes versatility and by far is a DOPE Lyricist. Take Notes take a stand on self-empowerment and the power of knowledge.

My purpose is to assist in this conscious transition. Bring us back to a state of gnosis thru music. Thus I am facilitator of truth. So let’s salvage the way cause Nothing Stronger Than My Will.” – My Will

She delivers an important message submerged in the sweet delivery on a classic hip-hop beat. Enough typing, listen to Take Notez below:-


Connect With Maya

Click here to know more about the Something Dope tour.

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