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#YB x #Lifestyle My Cover of #AFWT2016 Day One


Dress by Bamboo Stitches

From Thursday August 18th to Sunday August 21st, I attended the 2016 African Fashion Week in Toronto. It was a week showcasing African fashion excellence and I loved every bit of it. This is my cover for Day 1.

Thursday August 18th was Day 1! It was held in the core of downtown Toronto at the Hard Rock Cafe. Everyone was dressed to impress, so many of which were in African print. I wore a dress by Bamboo Stitches, a fairly new African Inspired line for the ladies!

I was very active on snapchat that day! Took a couple shots and posted it on instagram! Add me on snapchat btw Yvonne_Ben for more exciting coverage. There was a beautiful showcase by Cannonball Diva and Student Designer Winner 2015 Kyle Gervacy. Watch all that in m y video cover below. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by! come back next week for Day 2 and 3’s cover! 😀

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