#Spotlight ScholarX, A Simple, Concise and Effective Scholarship Matching Platform


ScholarX is a Social Enterprise that supports education by helping Nigerian students access scholarships, this in turn helps them focus on their studies and not their fees. ScholarX is an App that is free to download on the Google Play Store and on iTunes, with a token fee for a yearly subscription for unlimited access.

The ScholarX App aims to ensure that Nigerian students have the most up to date information about scholarships around the world at the touch of a button right on their mobile phones; this opens the doors to any student whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate level to study at a cheaper cost or even free!

After downloading the App, users create an account using email address or phone number, then they select the following parameters: Gender, State, Institution, Faculty, Course, CGPA, and Click FIND….and it automatically gives the list of Scholarships that matches their qualification.

“Public reception has been good so far, but we would like it to be great in terms of user count. So far we have close to 2,000 users and we believe the user count will continue to grow at a faster pace as we get more success stories. ” – Bola Wahab Lawal (Co founder ScholarX)



“We plan to extend ScholarX  to all African countries in the future.” – Bola Wahab Lawal (Co founder ScholarX)

“While there are no immediate plans to have a physical location in Canada, we plan to improve our presence by recruiting “Campus Ambassadors” in Canadian universities to help create awareness” –  Bola Wahab Lawal (Co founder ScholarX)


“Thank you ScholarX for Exposing hidden scholarships for Nigerian Students” – Chuks, LASU

“Scholarship search now directly from my Android phone, thanks to ScholarX” – Emanuel, UNIBEN

“The scholarship search app every international student has desired. Easy to navigate and efficient” – Longe, Texas A&M University “Now I can face my studies while ScholarX does the Scholarship search for me” – Chuks, UNILAG


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