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#AfricanFashion Kaela Kay 2016 Fall Collection

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Kaela Kay Fall 2016 collection. Read more!

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We are pleased to announce the official launch of the Kaela Kay Fall 2016 collection.


The collection launched on October 12th with a focus on fall ready wear. This collection features outerwear designed to be cool and chic (Such as the Abena Dress Coat or Asha Malika Coat) and dresses designed to make customers look and feel beautiful and elegant (such as the Adamma Monroe Maxi Dress and Nyla Afua Dress).


Colors this season are meant to be versatile to be worn into the winter season and still vibrant enough to make customers stand out in the crowed. Colors include colors such as brown, navy blue, turquoise and yellow combination, and indigo blue and tangerine combinations.

With an emphasis again on Kaela Kay signature details of fitted and flattering feminine looks, this collection features designs appropriate for a variety of occasions. All items are available in sizes US2-22 and ship worldwide.

Kaela Kay Fall 2016 Lookbook


fall-page-10 fall-page-11 fall-page-eight fall-page-five fall-page-four fall-page-nine fall-page-seven fall-page-six fall-page-three fall-page-two

fall-page-nine fall-page-four

fall-page-12 fall-page-13 fall-page-14 fall-page-15 fall-page-16 fall-page-17 fall-page-18 fall-page-19



All items can be purchased online at WWW.KAELAKAY.COM.

Connect with Kaela Kay

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kaelakaycollections
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaelakayonline
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kaelakayonline/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kaelakayonline/

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