#NEWS #ART and #Interview – Morris Ogbowu on The Huffington Post

We have being hearing about this dogma for a long time now – “Not Living life to its Fullest.”  It is a common story to hear an African child or young adult say, “My dad wants me to become this or that” which is the short version of not allowing us to create our own path to happiness it is also common to see or know one who being scared of the system has chosen to be like the many rather than chase their heart desire.


MORRIS who just recently completed his Under graduate degree in Illustration and concept design in Algonquin College sat down with Ebenezar Wikina of the Huffington Post to talk about his experience and the Unfullfilled Millennials 


“I got here and applied to Carleton University for Mechanical Engineering but couldn’t get in because the program was full then I got offered Computer Science and promised a spot in Mechanical engineering the next year. The year came and I wasn’t shortlisted for a transfer because I didn’t do well enough in Computer Science. So I tried Computer Science again for a second year and nothing changed, I had no love for it or any intentions of spending my life as a programmer. I made good friends though…” – MORRIS via THE HUFFINGTON POST

Read the rest of the article on the Huffington Post



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