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DENKARA by INIDARA; A Contemporary African-Inspired Denim Lookbook #AfricanFashion


Inïdara is an African inspired fashion brand. Home of the famous Denkara (denim ankara) and other African print enviables.

DENKARA by Inïdara is a way of life. It is embracing your African heritage and more contemporary styles in a way that the two can truly coexist. It is being stylish without having to pick African print over denim and vice versa.

As you can see, we are not attempting to define who the Inidara Woman should be. We simply know she loves to dress with ease and comfort. She is not a talker but her presence can be felt anywhere she goes.




Models: Senya Donkor, Jasmine Fleming, Dora  / Photographer and Stylist: Memkoh

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  1. Thank you KScope for your feature of our line. We appreciate you.

  2. I really love Inidara and her denkara collection. I fall in love all over again when I see it!

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