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Love Glam Hands On MakeUp Seminar Highlights; Pictures & Videos


On December 3rd 2016, I attended my  first ever hands on make up seminar at Yoga Yoga Studio in Toronto and I had a blast! It was hosted by Toronto based Youtuber; Ral O. The babe behind Love Glam on Youtube. Zeeba and I represented The Kscope.


L to R
(Alma https://www.instagram.com/thealmachronicle, Toni https://www.instagram.com/toniolaoye1, myself, Bili https://www.instagram.com/bili_balogun & Zeeba https://www.instagram.com/ixxorha_)

We met and reconnected with some fabulous ladies. Some of which were entrepreneurs, bloggers and online influencers. We learned how to slay our faces, partook in exciting games and major networking. Oh… and we definitely can’t forget those refreshing mimosas and treats courtesy of Golden Narrative Events! The amazing event planners for the seminar.

I covered the event a little bit via my snapchat and I have attached a few clips from my story below.

Ral had a montage of the event done, and It’s so adorable! I present to you, highlights from Love Glam’s Hands On Make Up Seminar.

Connect with Ral on instagram to know when and where the next class would be taking place!


2 comments on “Love Glam Hands On MakeUp Seminar Highlights; Pictures & Videos

  1. This is so awesome! Love this post! 🙂


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