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We Are Kings Spring Collection Preview Highlights; Pictures & Videos


L to R
(Zeebah Enebeli ((The Kscope’s Intern)), Madeline Ben ((Sister and blogger of RTMA)) and I)

The Kscope was in full attendance at We Are King’s Spring Collection preview! It happened on the 22nd at the ALT Hotel Downtown Ottawa! We all wore one of our favorite designers on here, Toronto’s OFUURE! Ofuure’s Angels for The Day!ezgif-com-062c49277e



Shop these looks here

The preview was majestic! The name of the collection which got revealed after the showcase is “Disrupt“! King explained his inspiration behind the collection as wanting to merge different prints (colours and patterns) in each suit to make a disruptive yet so dapper fashion statement!

I  have been a big fan of We Are Kings since its inception,  so right before the show started, I said a few words!


“We are all kings and queens in our own rights.” – Kings Hector









I took some clips with my phone during the show! Get a feel of the show 🙂

More pictures



“I strongly believe African print is the future.” – King Hector

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2 comments on “We Are Kings Spring Collection Preview Highlights; Pictures & Videos

  1. The african prints are just amzing


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