Day: July 17, 2017

  • Party With Camp OD’s Collective of Creatives at ZOLA! Sat. 26th Aug, 9 pm @ Yauca’s Lounge

    “Zola”. A word known to mean both “earth” and “chill” in different African cultures, the Camp OD squad has decided there’s no better name for this next series of Afro-centric jam sessions!

    Once a month, we invite you to come hang with the team, make some new friends and dance the night away to a stream of endless musical eclecticism as DJ KYENX breaks it down for us all. night. long. to some dancehall, Afrobeat, hip-hop & more that’ll make your head go *insert dance move here* and your feet go *insert other dance move here*.

    There is NO cover, NO dress code, and the only rule is that you absolutely have to bring your goodest of good vibes!

    Come kick off the very first ZOLA party with us on Saturday, Aug. 26th! 
    We open the doors at 9pm, so come through, bring your homies, and get ready to have what the kids like to call “fun”!

    Stay blessed, family!

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  • Listen to Devil in A Red Dress by Deuce

    Devil in a red dress is a new offering from Deuce and it is smooth. From Pashan’s slick  hip hop production to Deuce’s flow and delivery, every aspect of the song works in tandem to convey the solemnity of the song’s theme. As always, Deuce comes with the lyricism and storytelling that is s staple of his. Not only is there a story but he’s is saying something that’s meaningful to him. Isn’t what art is about? Take a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

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