5 African movies you should watch this weekend

The weekend is here again and we all love a good watch to ease out the stress, here are 5 African movies that will make your weekend.

1 African American. This centers on a young Lady who has big dreams of becoming a Broadway star in America, in a bid to achieve her big dream she abandons her boyfriend, and also embezzles money from her job. Starring: Phumelele Mthembu, Anthony Goss, Thambi Buti

2 Swallow. This takes us back to the ‘90s a young woman due to the pressure of “Lagos life” gets herself involved in drugs smuggling and eventually had to deal with the downside of it. Staring: Niyola Eniola Akinbo, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha.

3 Day of destiny. Okay this is definitely a fave! Two young brothers in a bid to change the financial woe of their family takes on a opportunity to go back 20 years in time. Starring: Broda Shaggi, Denola Grey’ Olamide Oworu.

4 Slay. This centers on a young man who lives a fake life to get in bed with women however he eventually met his Waterloo. Starring: Amanda DuPont, Ramsey Noah, Idris Sultan.

5 Happiness ever after. This centers on three black female friends who face challenges in their life and are determined to find a happy ending despite their situation. Starring: Renate Stuurman, Khanyi Mbau


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