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Your first stop for African Experiences! Find, Connect, Share, Repeat!

There are so many African Experiences near you, we help you get access to them. Looking for African food near you, service providers, events and more? We’re at your service.

Values that lead us


Exist to serve

Whether we are connecting you to a service provider or helping businesses succeed, we exist to serve.


Fostering Success

We are here to change the narrative. "African/Black Business" needs a re-brand. We are here to make this synonymous with Success.


Community Driven

Built with community in mind. KScope started off with one Kscoper and is now e-home to over 6000 + KScopers!


Facilitate Opportunity & Growth

Adding value holistically by connecting you not only to experiences but networks and communities to help you thrive in other areas. Career, Immigration & Settlement.

Our Re-launch Timeline

After taking the last few months off to restructure our offerings, we are back and better. Here is a list of releases to look forward to. 

For Patrons

Kscope Map  May/June 

Career, Education & Immigration Page. Call for Contributors July/ August

Kscope Community Picnic July/August

Kscope Membership September / October

Lifestyle Page for New to Canada KScopers. Call for Contributors November / December

Kscope Awards & Gala November / December

For Business

Kscope Membership May/June

Kscope Community Picnic. Call for Vendors July/August

For Black-Owned Businesses Page. Call for Contributors September / October

Kscope e-Commerce Stand September / October

Kscope Awards & Gala November / December

Brands We Partner With