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We are currently serving businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, mentioned cities to be specific.

Own a business in another city, please scroll down and submit a listing in the section below. 

NOTE: For Black-Owned businesses only find more FAQs below

List a Business in another city/province

As each city gets up to 25 approved listings, a city-focused map will be created. For now, these businesses will show on the main Map here.


Black owned businesses in Fashion, Services & Grocery are able to get listed. An exception for Food & Beverage; Our Food listings currently cater to African cuisine only.

Yes you can, your listing when published, will show on our Canada-wide map. We currently have a Greater Toronto Area (Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton and Brampton) focused map.

As more businesses (25+ per category) from other cities get listed on our Canada wide map, we will create a city focused map.

Not only do we advertise your business consistently to increase your profits, but we cater to businesses like yours serving Africans in Canada. Because of our wide audience, you will be putting your business in front of the exact customers you are looking for.
It’s a win-win for you.
Loads! First of all, we have your target audience who are looking for your products or services. Getting listed ensures you reach these people.
We have more.
Our dedicated marketing packages help you reach your monthly goals and increase your online presence.

All listings will need to go through an approval stage after which an email will be sent out with more details about the one time membership and how you can get it. 

As a limited time offer, it is a one time fee of $10, being offered to the first 100 businesses after which the price will increase. Benefits are listed here.

It can take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours to get approved.