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Afro-Urban Fashion Brand Eldior Sodeck Design Drops House Of Voodoo Collection

Eldior Sodeck Design” is an Afro-Urban DESIGN Brand. What makes it different is the passion for African patterns mix with very modern designs. From Clothing to Home accessorize as well as Interior design, E.S.D brings out the individuality of each person while maintaining a common branding.
Eldior Sodeck is driven by Marianne Sodogandji a Benino-Nigerian designer. Her pieces are deeply inspired by her Fon and Yoruba roots. They also come with that flair of New York Urban Swag.
This collection is called “House Of Voodoo”. It’s a collaboration with Maison Voodoo a production brand of two Beninese guys that live in Montreal. It’s all about working together because of our Beninese roots and bring out a fusion of two style that people don’t always see together. It’s a streetwear collection.

The Purpose of this collection “House of Voodoo”.
For the first time Eldior Sodeck is collaborating with another brand “Maison Voodoo” and together we want to promote a deep love for following our passion.With the drive to do something that truly impact not only ourselves but also everyone that have a similar passion or interest.

This collaboration is based on mutual support and pushing forward “helping on another as artist and entrepreneurs” (regardless of the field of interest ). As the production is not only within each other but with 6 other tailors born and raised in Benin, we create jobs for people that we’ve known our entire lives that deeply support or dreams and business system. We promote a sort of brotherhood/sisterhood between entrepreneurs.

It’s also has an exhilarating sense of versatility, which is translated through each pieces being able either to be worn different ways or by different genders. The goals is for each type of person from each generation to be able to adapt the clothes to his personality and his sense of style.

We hope that our purpose get translated into our work and that you will enjoy it greatly.

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