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For The Love Of Weddings! Bridal Collections at #AFWT2018! Ashiru Couture, House Of Ruth & Ese Azenabor

Photography by Dawit Tibebu

But who doesn’t love weddings? Everything from the bridal train, the glam, to the big reveal of the Bride’s wedding dress… or in most cases all the dresses worn by the bride. The wedding dress, the reception, the signing and more! You name it. It’s a day of love and the looks are just the icing on the cake. When the bridal train starts, the bridesmaids and the bride dance or walk in with eye-catching designs leaving you in awe!

At African Fashion Week Toronto this year, it was a very similar feeling! Three bridal showcases with oh so alluring pieces graced the runway.

First collection of the night was Toronto based Nigerian Fashion brand Ashiru Couture by Esther!

Second show was international fashion brand House Of Ruth from UK

Last show was by Texas based Nigerian Fashion designer Ese Azenabor

You’re feeling it too right? Wedding fever… or you’re replaying highlights from your last wedding attendance! Either way we relate! We’ll love to end with this close up finale video from Ese Azenabor’s showcase. Thank you for stopping by!


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