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Ibrahim Adekale Talks African Entertainment Awards 2017

The African Entertainment Awards is an event brought to you by Ibrahim Adekale, (popularly known as K-money) of Stash House Entertainment. The essence of the award show is to recognize and empower  talent and hard work of people, brands and companies of the African community here in Toronto, CA.

Before getting into the gist of the show, a little about Ibrahim Adekale and Stash house Entertainment. Stash House Entertainment is the birthing group of the African Entertainment Awards show. For residents of Toronto,  Stash House events and parties shouldn’t be new to your ears. Parties such as Afrobeats at the Gates every last Saturday of the month ,Lagos Party, Black excellence , and luxurious events like the AE Awards all have the Stash House seal on them.

Within a short period of his arrival in Canada, Mr. Ibrahim K-Money Adekale had risen to become a major force in the African Canadian Entertainment industry. Starting first with his entertainment enterprise, “Stash-House Entertainment ” (creating Quality, Fun and Engaging parties). He has become one of a handful of individuals who currently have a great influence on the entertainment industry here in Canada, this is most notably with his creation of “African Entertainment Awards.” This is an evening ceremony that is held annually to recognize and celebrate the Efforts/Achievements/Innovation (in the areas of music, dance, fashion and the like) of African artists both in Canada and from others parts of the globe. The winning artists, as decided by fan votes, are richly rewarded with gold-plated statuettes in recognition of their achievements. This not only boosts their levels of pride (as evidenced by their positive reaction), but it also inspires them to achieve greater results in their specific area of focus. 


The 5th annual “African Entertainment Awards” will take place, like the one in previous years, at one of the GTA’s premier venues, “Metro Toronto Convention Centre .” This is important to mention because it illustrates clearly the level of commitment Mr. Adekale has in making a lasting impact on the African Canadian Entertainment Industry as a whole. Not only is he able to bring the achievement of deserving artists to the forefront, he has and continues to be successful in bringing Africa as a whole on a greater and brighter stage. Most importantly, he sets (along with other innovative leaders in the Canadian African Entertainment Industry) new standards of quality and progress for individuals in the industry to aim for and in time exceed (by their own efforts), which improves the image of Africa and that of its people.

Overall, Mr. Adekale’s ability to inspire is certain. Judging from the popularity and rising importance of this award ceremony as a trusted measure for the performance of African Canadian artists (as well as those outside of Canada), I am confident that this man will continue to be a leader in the “African Canadian Entertainment” industry. He’s given us a peek into his Future Projects, some of which are ; “The Nigeria Independence Day Parade” , “African Girls Rock” & “Miss Africa Canada” , So be sure to show your support by attending. 



It is really exciting to see such love for our culture in the diaspora and we at the Kscope cannot wait to be in attendance at these events but first, AE Awards!!! In other news, our slayer of the red carpets and the beauty and personality our cameras ( and yours ) cannot contain, Ms. Mary Asekome aka Mayreemay  will be live hosting the red carpet and we cannot be more excited to be slaying along side with her as a squad. So if you have not purchased your tickets yet, don’t wait till last minuet! Go grab your ticket, get out that dress or that suit that rocks you well 😉 and let’s all come out and show our support to Ibrahim and the AE Awards movement. Like I always say, do not be a stranger! If you spot us, do say hi! Let us know who we’re doing this for, we always love to meet with you. 

See You There 🙂 !


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recognize and empower  talent and hard work of people, brands and companies of the African community here in Toronto, CA.


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