Beko Brunch #KscopeChops

How can I resist to one of my two favorite things when it comes to food: Brunch + African fusion food. Of course I was ready to experience Chef Beko the Food Mixologist pop-up brunch. The Brunch took place Sat-Sun October 12 & 13 at The Depanneur, a food hub venue where many food events, pop ups and cooking classes take place.

Brunch Menu

Are you the type that looks at a menu way before going to the restaurant so that once you are there you already know what you’re ordering? Yup I’m that type. So I already knew what I wanted, the fried chicken with biscuit and corn.

Fried Chicken with Corn Dusted with Suya Spice and Cheesy Biscuit

This dish gave me a southern feel but with a Nigerian twist of suya dusted corn, and sweet and sour syrup on the chicken. I have to say that a lot of the time I have fried chicken I am overwhelmed with the amount of sodium because of the oil that’s used to fry the chicken. But this dish was well balanced and left me wanting more.

I obviously enjoyed the food
Egg Benedict with Spicy Suya Shrimp

We also got the egg Benedict and added some spicy suya shrimp to it. My first impression was the portion of the dish was a little smaller than expected. I am a brunch enthusiasts and my egg Benedicts are usually a bit bigger than what we received. Nevertheless the flavors were definitely there.

The Depanneur
Pizza special that wasn’t on the menu for Sunday

The little time I spent there my favorite thing by far was the experience and the atmosphere. Chef Beko was welcomed with overwhelming support with his mom working in the kitchen, as well as his son, mother of his child and his girlfriend all showing moral support. Everyone was relaxing enjoying the time, lots of interaction, good music, and even some dancing.

This isn’t Chef Beko’s first pop-up and definitely is not his last. You can follow his instagram page to stay up to date for his next pop-up and appearance.

Hi this is ME 🙂

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