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Here's what a few business owners had to say


Michael Olukoya

CEO, MyZumafoods

“The Kscope took time to understand what my business is about and has been able to provide me with invaluable insights on the opportunities that I may be able to explore within my business segment.

I was also given an idea of what some of the challenges within the business could look like, and how I could overcome these challenges going forward.
During our conversations, she provided me with very important connections/networks that will help me strategically pivot my business in the coming months.
I am looking forward to our next meeting.”

Mustapha D

Founder, MUSD Design

“I got more than I expected. A personal coaching and guidance on applying to networks, top notch understanding of my needs and connection to appropriate mentor, and an all round kind and effective experience. Thank you”


Wura Aki

Founder, Naija Farm Foods

“At the end of my call, I got a different perspective on how best to grow and scale my business. I also got insights into viable partnership strategies that would suit my current system and reduce stress. We also connected on other issues relating to life, career and managing a business. It was truly a refreshing session.”

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