Deezie Brown’s “A-V-entador to the Hills”

Deezie Brown utilizes his love of cinematic compositions that create a dark and edgy feel to his music. He utilizes the audio and visual combination to navigate his art and discovery of who he is.

“Last I heard my high school sweetheart, Judith, resides in the hills, so this is my discovery blueprint to find those missing elements.” – Deezie Brown. 

This single is not about achieving massive wealth or owning a Lamborghini Aventador. The Lamborghini symbolizes Judith’s charisma, demeanor and beauty. Judith is taking Deezie to the hills, the outskirts of life itself in search of an incredible life journey with emotional turbulence.

“If I am to die on this journey before I find Judith, bury me in a Lamborghini in the hills so I can continue my journey in the afterlife.” – Deezie Brown


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