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Get To Know Deuce

The independent artist has been making music for three years. He has released songs over different platforms in recent years, while progressively building an underground fanbase. Deuce has released four projects in total. However, two of his marquee/recent projects identify his culmination into maturity as an artist. He executive produced his debut album titled “New Age Prophecy” and was solely behind the audio engineering of his recent Mixtape/project titled “Highway To Heaven“. He aims to show through his music; the importance of God in everyone’s daily life. While promoting peace, love and positivity. He refers to his music as “art inspired by truth”.


New Age Prophecy depicts a world filled with social issues and sin. Its used in the context of Deuces journey to spirituality and a closer connection with God. The album speaks on a sinners struggle to come to submission to God and how humanity can often get caught up in a lot of things in the world, but deep down seek to get reconciliation with God. It also tells the story that no matter how badly invested one can be in sin, Jesus calls all individuals to come as they are.

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1. The Trance – the Trance depicts a world where lies are being fed to people on a constant basis, by the leaders who claim to have the people’s best interests at heart.

2. Martyr – To be a martyr is to be willing to die for a cause. Deuce uses this song to show that He and the members of the independent collective “Dark Martyr” aim to spread and live their truth, even if it means dying for what they believe in.

3. My Will’s interlude – Deuce enlists the help of Hamilton rapper Mywill on this interlude. Mywill speaks on the misconception of who Jesus/God really is and how white supremacy has led the black demographic to feel lesser than what they are truly worth.

4. Mamas prayer – This is a short interlude featuring Deuces mother. She quickly says a prayer and blesses Deuce.

5. Light it up – After His mum’s prayer, Deuce seems to have this sense of self awakening and begins to use the hook light it up, in the context of starting something/brightening ones day.

6. Minority – Minority speaks on the neglected people in modern society and how often they get judged and overlooked in the issues that affect every community. Overall, it shows that the minority are as much a part of Gods plans as the very same elites and citizens of every country in the world.

7. Lucid Dreams – Lucid dreams paints a picture of deuce being in a constant spiral of overthinking, on his way to achieving his dreams. He uses this to tell the story that the world may often get tough, and the devil may seek to capitalize off an individuals dreams, one can find comfort in the fact that someone’s out there praying and watching over them.

8. God, Gold & Glory – In this track, Deuce sends out a message to the world, telling them about the positives of serving God and that humanity is currently part of an ongoing spiritual battle. He emphasizes that the only way we can win this war, is through total submission to God and his will.

9. The Reconciliation – This purely is the gospel of Jesus Christ. He talks about being an ever loving God, who died for our sins out of Love. And that under him, there is no condemnation for any man who truly seeks Him.

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