DJ Magic Flowz Gives Us CHIQ | Official Music Video with King Majik & Omar

DJ Magic Flowz is a Nigerian-born DJ and producer who began his musical journey in Rome, Italy where he grew up. His career began in EDM but he has begun to embrace his roots with AfroBeats and Afro-Fusion. He is a popular DJ on youtube with millions of views and a high follower count. He has sold out shows and events with over 17 thousand attendees under his belt.


He enlists the talents of King Majik and Omar to cement the vibes on this afrobeat joint celebrating the all the baddest girls and lovely ‘Chiq’s. And as expected, King Majik and Omar do their thing with very catchy melodies and lyrics that effortlessly ride the simple but danceable moving beat. Something about the guitar melody makes my body start bopping of its own accord. Expect to hear this track on the dancefloors throughout the summer because it is just that infectious.


Check out the official music video below.


Video by Seed Visuals


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