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Eat African via Door Dash, Skip The Dishes & Uber Eats

We live in a day and age where food delivery services have evolved tremendously. Back in the day the only type of food delivery people were really able to get was just pizza. Now there are multiple food delivery apps that give people access to hundreds of nearby restaurants for food delivery.

The best part now is that there’s all sorts of cuisines available including African!

So for those evenings where you still want a home cooked african meal but are too tired to cook, here’s a list of african restaurants offered through the below food delivery in the GTA:

*Some restaurants are offered on more than one app*

Get Grill (Afro-asian) – Brampton, Mississauga
Source: Doordash.com


Source: about.ubereats.com

Uber Eats

Naija Jollof Toronto (Nigerian)
Source: skipthedishes.com


Here are some things to consider before ordering:


Restaurants availability are based off of the location of the delivery address. Meaning that restaurants only deliver per a certain distance, what may be available in Brampton, may not be available in North York.


The further you are from the restaurant, the longer it will take to be delivered. The estimated time it will take to be delivered is always displayed. Uber Eats for example has an “under 20min” food option for restaurants you can get your meal in under 20. The wait time is usually between 30min-45min.


There’s an added delivery fee on top of your order and sometimes a service fee as well. Delivery fees vary per app. It is best to place orders that are a decent amount just to justify the delivery fee.

And there you have it! How often do you use food delivery apps? Has this article made you want to order more from the apps? Did you even KNOW that these were all offered? So many questions. Let us know!