Event Recap: Art Jollof & Champagne, The Wakabout Edition

On the 22nd of October, 2019 Tolu Akanni aka Mr. FizCo, successfully pulled off the third offering of his passion project, Art Jollof & Champagne. As a second-time event attendee, it felt great to be back and reconnect with old friends over thoughtful artistic photos, afrobeats, champagne and good ol’ jollof. For all our dear KScopers, I thought to string together my two kobos on the event. 

(L-R) Yvonne, Somto and Yinka at Art Jollof & Champagne. The last time I saw Yinka was at Art Jollof & Champagne in 2018.

Early bird tickets this time were $20, and I believe it was roughly the same amount last year. I must commend Tolu for maintaining fair prices from year to year, it’s definitely not a popular strategy in these climes. The tickets came with a list of FAQs, including notes about parking, what to wear and an agenda. It took out all the extra work for me, and I thought this was an excellent touch. I hope he keeps this up for future events.

By my estimates, the event had well over 100 people in attendance. The location was spacious enough that I was not continually stepping on toes all night. Free nearby parking was also available. Ladies, Gentlemen and All, there was also a complimentary coat check. This might seem minor, but I have lost count of the number of events where I had to lug my jacket around. 

Chef Abi did not disappoint with his jollof. The rice was al dente with just the right amount of smokiness. I count myself lucky to have gotten in on the action because *insert dramatic pause* the food ran out. So if you’re reading this, you want to arrive at the next one early.

One of my favourite parts of the evening was the Q&A session hosted by Vivienne Lutwama. It was great to hear about the fuel that lit up these passions in Chef Abi and Tolu. When I attend events like these, I always love hearing from the curators. It’s something pretty special to take a dream of yours and turn it to reality. When asked about advice for budding photographers, Tolu says, “start with your phone and hone your craft!”. That one really stuck with me because a few years ago, I purchased a DSLR in the hopes of taking great photos. Used it for a year, and that was it. I learned the hard way that a great camera maketh not a great photo.  The skill of the photographer is what counts. And Tolu is undeniably a skilled photographer!

Vivienne Lutwama and Tolu Akanni

Another part of the evening that I absolutely loved was the postcard section, where attendees got a chance to caption photos that Tolu took on his travels. It was a brilliant way to get the attendees involved and engaged.

I loved this postcard and the caption! It was my favourite of the night. Whose African mother calls overseas and doesn’t say this?

In the background of all of this action, there was a silent auction session. I copped a photo that now hangs in my living room. I love it! The night was well-rounded with music courtesy of DJ Steez. I got to show off my one or two good moves. All in all, KScope recommends the event as one that you should plan to attend next year (but on time, so you get jollof *wink*). Tolu says he’s adding something special next year so you don’t want to miss it!

I participated in the silent auction and went home with my very own Tolu original. Couldn’t leave without a photo with THE photo and photographer 🙂
Somto is an engineer with a flair for storytelling. At this point in her life, Somto likes to be described as an avid volunteer, an ambassador for kindness and a collector of spices from around the world. 

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