Fashion Art Toronto 2018: “CONNECT” Day 2

Fashion Art Toronto is a five day showcase that strives to stimulate viewers senses through fashion presentations, photography showcases, art installations and short films. Taking place at¬† Daniels Spectrum, each year the show is centered around a theme that brings the five day event together. This year’s theme was CONNECT; “looks at the modern social environment and explores communication, connecting and relationships in the face of technology and global exchange.”


That’s me ūüôā

I was super excited to attend Day 2 of the 5 day event, it being my first Fashion Art Toronto event.  Tickets for performances and fashion show were available online and at the door but the photo and art exhibit were free! The first show was scheduled to start at 6:30pm so I made sure to arrive in advance to take advantage of the art and photo exhibit. The exhibit took place in the lobby complimented by a live DJ and a drink/snack bar.

The doors finally opened into the runway room as we were eager to be seated. Your girl got lucky and got to sit front row when two industry individuals didn’t show up (only for the first half of the show). The show opened with a visual short film representation of the theme CONNECT,¬† a black and white clip produced by¬†Vanja Vasic, Calder Ross.¬† Opening the night’s show, a “Fashion on Film” piece by Kwasi Agyei of AllCreative. “Styles of “is a joint collaboration between AllCreative artist Kwasi Agyei and Emerging designers Lexson Millington and Liam Wilkngs. The film served as a motion lookbook for¬†LFNTxMailroom shuttle show premiering later in the week of Fashion Art Toronto.

—-The runway fashion Part 1—-

The first half of the show consisted of monochromatic pieces¬† with the focus on shades. ABYSS by ALVCHO started off¬† the runway with dark pieces turning them into elegance on the runway, to empower women. Next up was ROWES FASHION‘s APPROACHABLE ARMOUR.¬† Following the theme of dark colours, the outfits were paired with a metallic twist, a representation of armour in the form of clothing. The last showing before intermission was AROSHNA MAKANOJIA. This designer’s TRANSFORMATIVE collection managed to create transformative (literally) dresses inspired by architecture.


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


I spent the hour long intermission at the art and photo exhibit as well as trying to get my model moment on the runway. Unfortunately I didn’t quite get the shot I wanted, thanks to the lighting that was against my favour.¬†One of photography projects that stood out to me, was “Soft Shells” by Libby Oliver. I was captivated by the use of color with the different pattern, texture and fabric design.

Soft Shells by Libby Oliver

Fail photo attempt lol

—-Back to the show—–

For the second half of the show I ended up losing the front row seat as the original guests appeared, so I was left standing in the crowd. I still had a great view thanks to my height. MAXHOLE took the runway with a performance titled “Falling in Love with you”. This performance was a combination of fashion, music, and colour expressed freely without the restrictions that have become the norm in society.

—-The runway fashion Part 2—-

ECDYSIS by ALEXANDER KERSHAW focused on the reconstruction of traditional patterns through sheltering the body as well as exposing it at the same time.¬†DONICO KNOWLES Ebony’s A MYTH moved away from the monochromatic theme we’ve seen most of the night on the runway and into a more mystical and theatrical collection. This collection inspired by the designer’s childhood fascination with the mystic world was evidently translated to captivate the audience. STEVIE CROWNE‘s UNDERGROUND MONARCH¬† collection was inspired by the British Monarch fashion history. The collection is a representation of a modern twist to ancient history¬† fashion and that “We can all be our own Kings and Queens”. Closing out the night was¬† DISORDER by AMPLIFY APPAREL¬†. Inspired by the designer’s own struggle with mental illness, Disorder is a collection that visually displays her journey through this illness. The collection is represented with bold and vivid colors, expressive models and designs, truly captivating the audience a great fit for a finale.


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca


Photo Credit: Canadawears.ca

I would highly recommend attending next year’s Fashion Art Toronto showcase.¬† For a list of the designers and event detail you can check their website here. Make sure to¬† also download the kscope app to stay up to date with fashion related events around the city!


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