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Get African Groceries Delivered in Less than 1 Hour through Cornershop

Simi African Food (North York) on Cornershop

It was just 7 months ago when I celebrated the first ever African Grocery Store to be listed on Grocery Delivery App Cornershop. The current situation of things has driven a lot of people to request groceries delivered. This has been the norm for the big stores like Walmart, PC affiliated stores and more. What then happens to ethnic stores who cater to a specific group of people? Well Cornershop is changing that. They honestly took the full idea of “Corner”shops. Being able to get access to those corner stores in your neighbourhood.

At the time, I didn’t know this, I thought about the idea and stepped out in faith. I did some research on LinkedIn and found someone and they loved the idea.

Now African grocers in the community have more exposure and the community can now get access to their favourite Cornershops online… get it? 😊 Now, depending on where in the Greater Toronto Area you are, there just might be one available on the Cornershop app close to you. See the list below;

Simi African Foods – North York – 50 Eddystone Ave, North York, ON

3ms African Caribbean Market, 5 McMurchy Avenue, Unit 7 North, Brampton, ON

Jayoras African & Caribbean Grocery Market, 186-190 Main Street S. Unit 8 Corner of Nanwood Drive, Brampton, ON

Grocery Africa, 4679 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON

Do you own or know an African grocery store that would love to be listed? Let’s chat. Email me at yvonneben@thekscope.co

When the lockdown happened, tons of stores were at a loss but with the possibility of going digital with so much ease, store owners can be confident about the future.