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Have you Tried #mychopchop online? Here’s what you need to know!

If you’re just joining the #mychopchop fam, or curious to know whether or not you want to try it? I’m about to share with you the real deal and you are in for a treat. I had the opportunity to place an order from mychopchop.ca recently  and as a first time customer, rating the service out of a 5 (5 being the highest), I give it a 4.5/5.  logo

There’s 3 important reasons I generally enjoy using online services,The convenience, the variety, the service. Mychopchop definitely comes clutch in all areas without a doubt.


Lets talk Convenience, We all have days when we don’t want to get up to do groceries, especially if we crave dishes from our home countries. As a Nigerian residing in Canada, I can say that there aren’t too many stores that have all we need for that african delicacy  in one place, and this is just with my knowledge of Toronto so a service like mychopchop is just what we need.


The Variety is amazing for an African online grocery service, it’s a wow! Though some things I wanted to get at the time were not in stock, I simply sent a message and the response was fast and very satisfactory. Other than that little thing at the time, you’d really not have to worry about getting up to do any other major shopping. Definitely as the growth in demand increases, more and more things will be added! So don’t worry if what you’d like to purchase isn’t there right now, Just shoot them a message, help them help you 🙂



One of the most important things I look out for in a business, any business rendering services, is customer relation, and Service in general, How nice and polite are they?, how responsive?, how did they approach my questions? Their reply? And I must say It was very satisfactory. The CEO, Ms. Bolatitio took time out to call to confirm my availability for the drop off cause I had ordered some frozen items. There where follow up emails to ensure the service was at a 100% and a short survey for us as customers to suggest items we want , also to complain or commend.




Enough long talk, The Kscope is proud to be a part of the  #mychopchopfam 😉 lol, and because we love this awesome service from @mychopchop.ca I’m sure y’all already know you get 10% off your purchase when use our code: “TheKscope10”


Mychopchop.ca offers 10% discount to every first time buyer and will offer discount code “04kscope29” for additional 10% off for orders over $50.



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