Inspired by Kanye, Jacobi IV’s Debut Album “Sade House” Came to Life! Get to know the Sonic Sound Toronto Artiste


Coming off a musical hiatus, Jacobi IV, Who hails from Brampton, Ontario-previously performing under the moniker Flash-liberates his first solo project. The 12 track album, Sade House, takes listeners through a sonic journey as the artist explores themes of love, understanding self and harnessing artistry.


With the exception of “The Curse of The Hour Glass”, the album’s production relies more on electronically-induced beats, with minimal use of instrumentation. Sade House sounds are reminiscent of an audial amalgamation of Ye’s fourth and fifth studio albums, 808’s& Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with Jacobi IV using autotune as its underlying soundscape.


“Everyone is a creative. I believe that music is art. Not only to be heard and inspire others, but a special kind of art designed specifically for the heart and soul. Nothing helps capture a feeling better than music whether it be happiness, heartbreak, bliss, sorrow or misery. Music is a timeless art that can be preserved and appreciated throughout many generations. How else would a song made by the great Michael Jackson in 1985 transcend through time and still be relevant till this very moment? I am cursed to be in this generation where music doesn’t last for more than six months. I am here to create art that transcends this generation’s lifespan and shifts the paradigm forever. This is what I believe. This is who i am. A creative.” – Jacobi IV





A letter from Jacobi IV to the creatives


Connect With Jacobi IV





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