#KscopeChops Afrofest 2019! The Eats

Afrofest was back this year at Woodbine Park for its 30th anniversary from July 6th- 7th. There was everything from great food, music, performances, dance competitions, various vendors and even some rain. But that did not stop the party or down the mood. Below I will be highlighting some of the food I had this year at Afrofest.

Piña Colada Smoothie

Before the rain was the blazing hot sun. It was actually ridiculously hot, the first thing I wanted and needed when I arrived was a drink. I needed an ice cold smoothie. I ended up buying a large Piña Colada smoothie for $10 from Frootful. They had quite the line as they had different flavors as well as some snacks.

Next is FOOD.

Meat Stew with Peppered Goat Meat (Asun) on top of Rice

Naija Jollof had THE longest line, and justifiably so. As we were waiting in line, it started to pour rain. Everyone ran into the tents to stay dry. After awhile once the rain started to clear, we quickly went back into the line which had shorten due to the rain. We ended up getting stew meat, peppered goat meat (asun) on top of rice. The total came up to $19 but the portion was enough for two people. Definitely worth it. You can find Naija Jollof at Westwood Square Mall in Mississauga.

Ital Vital Vegan Food
Vegan Cheese Roll

The best part about these festivals is that they have something for everyone including for vegans and vegetarians. Ital Vital was serving up some vegan food. I tried their vegan cheese roll. I haven’t been a fan of vegan cheese but this one was exceptionally well done.

The Suya Spot
Puff Puff

For the finale, if you have read some of my previous food posts (if you haven’t please do!) there are two things that I always have to get at least one of when available at restaurants or food events: puff puff and/or plantains. I don’t think I can ever get tired of either. This time around I opted for some puff puff from the Suya spot. They were serving these nice big puff puffs 7 for $10. As you can see in the picture I got too excited as soon as I got it and ate a few before realizing I had to take a picture to share the goodness with you guys.

Afrofest was once again a success. We came, we partied, we ate, and enjoyed all the beautiful aspects that is Africa. If you want to know about upcoming events make sure you subscribe to the kscope’s newsletter (there’s discounts as well) and you can follow my food adventures on instagram @foodiie.diary.


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