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KScopeWomen - Emikele Oseni-Elamah #IWD2021

“Follow your passion — and if you don’t know what it is, realize that one reason for your existence on earth is to find it.”


– Oprah Winfrey

Get to know Emi

Many people talk about living meaningful, transformative lives, but very few of us are able to begin the journey there, and Emikele is no such woman. Emikeleborn Emikele Oseni-Elamah, is a young woman of the Edo ethnicity from the Auchi region of Nigeria is the founder of Living Meaningfully.  ‘A community of people discovering and walking in purpose, growing together and impacting lives.’

She lived in Lagos and spent a lot of time between there and her family home in Auchi, both of which hold a special place in her heart. In the future, Emikele hopes to build an enriching community of people supporting each other through different avenues, creating online courses and resources, using data to bring about global solutions and creating projects focused around education and food security.

Emikele’s drive and personal ethos are rooted in her strong christian values. She is striving to ensure people are living meaningful lives where they do all they can for others and leave something that can help inspire and guide future generations to a brighter future.

Emikele feels that what stands out the most to her about the KScope community, is how enriching it is. She sees it as a platform that could help create more support within other communities with the different businesses coming together to create projects that will not just benefit KScopers but centered around developing African nations and giving back to people back home.

“The question is what don’t I love about being a KScoper? Being a KScoper opens me to my world! – My world of home away from home. My world where I can support other people who have started something especially Africans who are leaving their mark and blessing the world. It exposes me to an enriching community of trailblazers who are changing the stereotypes about Africa with the aim of giving back to their homeland.

Beyond this it exposes me to a world of discounts for food I love! I spend the most on food but being a KScoper saves me some coins! I hope I’m able to save even more coins with KScope. The new directory is also very convenient and a one stop hub for everything food, fashion and events! Excited to see how the directory grows and the value everyone gets from it”

– Emikele Oseni-Elamah

We, at Kscope, are happy to have you as part of our ever growing community.

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