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KScopeWomen - Kelly De Fogain

You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day. – Marian Wright Edelman

Get to know Kelly

Meet Kelly De Fogain, a young Cameroonian woman currently based in Cambridge, Ontario. She is the founder of Afropolitan Canada, a bilingual not-for-profit organization based in Toronto that uses its platform and expertise to support people of the African and Caribbean diaspora in the development and implementation of socio-professional and entrepreneurial skills. 

She is motivated by her passion to uplift black people. We asked her more about this and she had this to say “I know that it is my purpose on Earth to do everything that I can to give us, black people, the tools and power to be successful in everything we endeavour. I want the next generation of black boys and girls to be set for success as soon as they come into this world.’

These thoughts are carried into her work with Afropolitan Canada, as they provide soft skills and entrepreneurial workshops, cultural programs, and events to support young women and men in their education and career advancement. All of this which she is looking to expand to her home country Cameroon, to help impact more people at a grassroots level and also to create a good foundation for her organization in the country going forward.

She believes that the Kscope community is a great community, as it has enabled her to learn so much about the African businesses and events around her. She hopes that Kscope can help her grow Afropolitan Canada and share the tools and skills they provide to the black community. 

“The Kscope community is so great. Thanks for the platform because I learn so much about the African businesses and events in the GTA. The vibe is always great too. Keep doing the work, we see you and we thank you.” – Kelly De Fogain

We, at Kscope, are happy to have you as part of our ever growing community.

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