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KScopeWomen - Somto Ibe

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.” – Bernard Baruch, American financier

Get to know Somto

Constantly asking and improving the world is the phenomenal Miss Somto Ibe. A professional engineer in the North American energy industry with progressive experience in natural gas distribution, natural gas storage and renewable power generation.

Somto is a Nigerian that hails from both Imo state and Crossriver state. She is very passionate about giving back to the communities she resides in—an adventure-seeker who often describes herself as an avid volunteer.

She is involved in several causes that promote STEM education, clean energy access and economic empowerment for all women. She believes these three things are key to advancing any society, and she’s constantly working to show it. 

For her day job, Somto works to ensure the safe and reliable operations of a fleet of renewable energy assets. 


For those still to know STEM education is all about connecting classroom activities and experiences to real-life opportunities, more information can be found here. Instead of treating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as separate subjects, STEM education uses a cross-disciplinary approach to solve problems

What Somto loves most about KScope are the discounts and the exposure to African businesses we provide. “KScope was first to inform me that I could purchase African groceries online. It was also at KScope that I found out that I can get kilishi in Canada. When I moved to Toronto in 2019, KScope was my go-to place for trusted African food vendors to patronize. For these things and many more, I am extra thankful for KScope”. – Somto.

We, at Kscope, are happy to have you as part of our ever-growing community.

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