Kwesiya Has a New Home

Kwesiya just had their grand opening and it was a booming success! The line trailed down the street as people excitedly waited to enter Kwesiya’s new home on 171 Harbord st Toronto. I am so glad I was there for their reintroduction to the world. The energy was perfect. We were all excited to climb those steps. The set up outside the store which included music, refreshments and some Kwesiya complimentary gift bags, made the wait that much more enjoyable. I had the opportunity to mingle and meet with people who also have a love for fashion and Afro inspired brands.

When I finally made it into the boutique the beautiful artwork on the walls greeted me. As a pleasant surprise, all guests were required to use a misted hand sanitizer upon entry. I loved this little touch to ensure all patrons could touch and test out the pieces while remaining safe. 

This gave me the confidence to browse the collection without any worries. What I found was a variety of colourful, fun, and bold pieces. Kwesiya offers everything from robes, and co-ord sets, to headwraps headbands and even pillowcases!

The entire team was so kind and very accommodating to any requests I made. I tend to take my time when shopping, especially for prints. I just can’t decide. But the staff was very helpful. They reminded me I could always return to acquire more pieces. Which I fully intend to do.

I had the honour of speaking with Fanny, the designer and founder of the African, Parisian inspired brand, and here’s what she had to say about her brand, “Kwesiya is about a mixture of different cultures”. She ensures that her heritage shines through in her clothing from Douala to Paris and now Toronto. “My clothes can be worn by people of any background. My customer base is very diverse and that is something I really strive for”. 

The grand opening was proof of this. There were patrons in line from many different backgrounds. I think what Kwesiya stands for where, and it comes from is relatable to everyone. You know, that feeling that wherever you are, you look for a community. You look for people who are also moved by the things that move you. Whether this is food, music, or a great Afro Parisien inspired dress, you know the joy of belonging. And to me, Kwesiya represents just that. Kwesiya represents home, wherever you are.

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