Kyle Gervacy | The Afrocentric-Asian Inspired Fashion Brand

Kyle Gervacy is an Afocentric-Asian inspired fashion brand founded by Toronto based St. Lucian designer Kadeem Faustin. Kadeem got inspired by his mum, his best friend, African Fashion Week Toronto and the Afr0-fashion culture. He explains that the Afrocentric flair mixed with Asian Aesthetics is what makes Kyle Gervacy, Kyle Gervacy!

The Essence is the name of Kyle Gervacy’s first collection which debuted at African Fashion Week 2016 and it turned heads! Very edgy and chic statement pieces.  See video below.

Kadeem tells us at The Kscope that his collection for African Fashion Week Toronto 2017 would be superb! He calls the collection “sauvage” which means Savage in French! It’ll feature designs inspired by three different personalities, his mum’s Aunty’s and  sister’s! He also mentioned that it might be a full gown collection! Make sure you stop by at African Fashion Week Toronto this year to see Kyle Gervacy!


Pictures by CJ Cromwell

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