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Listen to Grace Otisi’s Breathe & Inside Out

Grace Otisi is a Lagos-born R&B/Soul artiste currently studying mass communication at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada. She started performing for the public around June 2016 and has now released two beautiful singles.

Breathe is a song that shows off her beautiful vocals and songwriting. I love the message she passes across with the track; “There’s more to life than love”. I feel like this song could be uplifting or consoling to someone who may be going through a rough break-up and needs that space to Breathe. While I have a few personal gripes with the beat itself, it doesn’t take away from the beautiful and heartfelt feelings of the song as a whole.
Inside Out
Inside out is lovely. My goodness.The first thing about the song that strikes me about the song is the sombre piano that introduces the track. Grace comes in and tugs at my heartstrings with her wonderful voice. There is something about her delivery that just translates and elevates the sadness of the words. This is definitely one for the love-song R & B playlists.

Both songs are clear expressions of experiences that are very personal in nature but simultaneously universally relatable. I feel that Grace’s strengths lie in the emotion she is able to convey with her words and her voice. The softness of her melodies allows her lyrics sink into your ears.  She forms a connection with the listener that allows her song to touch you. I would personally advise her to try out her style on slightly softer beats and see how that works. Regardless though, Grace Otisi is definitely a talent to keep an eye (and an ear) on.


Connect With Grace

Instagram: @grace_otisi

Twitter: @GraceOtc

Soundcloud: Grace Otisi



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