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Hibiscus tea commonly known as Zobo in west Africa or sorrel in the Carribean.

We manufacture and located here in Burlington ON Canada.

This recipe has been specially formulated to give your body the necessary boost and balance that it needs.

100% organic in all its ingredients




What are the benefits of this tea??


Rich in powerful antioxidants that help in  preventing free radicals from building up in your cells that can cause damage or disease in the body


Helps to lower blood pressure within 6weeks of drinking hibiscus tea


Lowers cholesterol (blood fat levels) especially in people suffering from Diabetes mellitus


Improves liver health. Taking hibiscus tea up to 12 weeks helps to reduce fatty  liver in the overweight


Promotes Weight Loss!! Reduces body weight, body fat, body mass index and hip to waist ratio


Contains polyphenol compounds that help to prevent cancer. A very powerful anti-cancer property


Helps to fight or prevent  Bacterial infections- like bronchitis, pneumonia and urinary tract infections


Improves digestion and bowel movement. The improved digestion helps your body eliminate waste and leads to better overall health


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